2024 Poland Capchem Cup Football Tournament Successfully Held

On the occasion of Children's Day, June 1st, for the fourth time, we've released the energy among young soccer players who came from all over Poland to the annual two-day Capchem Cup 2024 championships in Śrem. By supporting the local soccer club Warta Śrem, we integrated nearly 700 young players from different parts of Poland, their families, and the Śrem community, with the support of Mayor Grzegorz Wiśniewski. Energy, sport, and nature - we combine these three elements , caring for clean air, free from the noise of combustion engines and emissions, but filled with the sounds of players and fans cheers.

“We are proud to be one member of the community for more than 4 years and Capchem is an innovative company who cares about safety, clean energy and community activities. Capchem Cup is an annual big event not only in Srem, but also in the province. ” said by Peter Ma, General Manager of Capchem Poland. On the second day of competition, Capchem representives also awarded trophies and medals to the winning soccer teams. 

Capchem Cup is the result of the work of many dedicated individuals, financial support, and several months of effort, rewarded with the joy of children and triggering joy in many adults. Apart from this, Capchem is also involved in various of local activities to promote the development of the community and has become in integral part of local community.

Capchem Poland, a subsidiary of Shenzhen Capchem Technology Co., Ltd., is a leading manufacturer specializing in lithium-ion battery electrolytes. Since its establishment, Capchem Poland has focused on providing high-quality electrolyte solutions to customers across Europe and the USA with compliance and high standards.In the future, as one of the largest electrolyte producers in Europe,Capchem Poland will provide high-quality products and services to a variety of high-end customers, and is committed to creating a better future with electronic chemicals and functional materials.