Global Expansion Stage Rapid Development Stage Pioneering Stage


Capchem Poland putted 40000-ton electrolytes into production
Hexafluo II,Heptafluo Phase I, Tianjin Phase I, and Huizhou Phase 3.5 are put into operation
The first national 1000-ton perfluoroisobutyronitrile industrialized production line was officially put into trial production in Hexafluo


Chongqing Capchem is established
Shenzhen Capchem completes a public offering of convertible bonds, raising 1.97 billion yuan.


Huizhou Capchem Solvent Project is established and put into production
Tianjin Capchem is established
Capchem Europe B.V. is established


Shenzhen Capchem completes a private placement, raised 1.14 billion yuan.


The headquarters of Shenzhen Capchem is relocated to a new site. The Capchem Plaza is officially opened.


Acquire all trademarks of the Selectilyte brand worldwide.
Establish Capchem Poland Sp.z o.o.
Establish Jingmen Capchem New Materials Co., Ltd.
Establish Fujian Heptafluo New Materials Co., Ltd.
Establish Hunan Bifluo Materials Co., Ltd.
Establish Capchem Technology USA Inc.
Phase III of Huizhou Capchem is put into construction.


Acquire the electrolyte business of BASF and its manufacturing site in Suzhou to expand business internationally.


Acquire Sanming Hexafluo Chemicals Co., Ltd. to enter the segment of special fluorinated chemicals.
The Semiconductor Chemicals Business Department is established to enter the segment of semiconductor and liquid crystal panel chemicals.
Establish Hunan Bifluo Technology Co., Ltd.
Certified by OHSAS18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.


Nantong Capchem Chemicals Co., Ltd. is completed and put into operation.
Certified by ISO/TS16949:2009 Automotive Industry Quality Management System.
Become the controlling shareholder of Nantong Top Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. to be engaged in the management and operation of electronic epoxy materials products.
Become the controlling shareholder of Zhangjiagang Hicomer Chemical Co., Ltd. to enter the segment of electrolyte additives in lithium-ion batteries.
Invest in the Internet finance company with equity participation.
The sales volume of electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries jumps to the highest in the world.


Invest heavily in building the R&D Center and set up the Shenzhen Lithium-ion Power Battery Electrolyte Engineering Laboratory.


The Huizhou site is put into full production.


Complete the construction of Huizhou Capchem Chemicals Co., Ltd.
With more than 30 percent of its products for export, the Company becomes a leading player in the industry.
Carry out strategic cooperation with Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and other companies.


Successfully listed on the GEM Board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code: 300037.


Recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.
The Company’s Engineering Technology Center is recognized as the Shenzhen New Electronic Chemical Engineering Technology Research and Development Center and the Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology Research and Development Center.
Launch solid polymer capacitor chemicals.


The company is changed to Shenzhen Capchem Technology Co., Ltd. as a whole. Establish Capchem (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.. Establish the core values of Innovation for Application, Progress with Integrity.


Establish Huizhou Capchem Chemicals Co., Ltd. and invest in building the Daya Bay production site.


Establish Nantong Capchem High Purity Chemicals Co., Ltd. Launch electrolytes in supercapacitors. Recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen.


Certified by ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System.


Pingshan factory officially put into operation. Establish an office in Shanghai to be responsible for sales in East and North China.


Build a temporary plant in Pingshan and start the standardized production and sales of electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries.


Move into Pingshan, Shenzhen to set up Shenzhen Capchem Chemicals Co., Ltd.


Start research on conductive polymer materials. Become one of the new entrants in the lithium battery industry in China by launching electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries.
Certified by ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System.


Take the leading position in the domestic capacitor chemicals market with excellent quality and competitive price.
Start research on and production of electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries.


Start the export business by founding Shenzhen Baoan Jinqiao Chemical Plant engaged in processing of capacitor chemicals supplied by foreign clients. Products are sold well in Taiwan and South Korea markets.


Start research on and production of functional electrolytes for capacitors and the trial production and research of special additives.


Establish the management concept of “Pursuing Excellence to Build a Classic Brand” and start the production and management of a series of capacitor chemicals including ammonium adipate.
Create a molecular structural logo and register it as a trademark.


Establish Shenzhen Capchem Co., Ltd. in Shajing, Baoan District, Shenzhen to start the production and sales of capacitor-grade ethylene glycol.