Fluorinated Polyimide Monomers for Semiconductor and Flexible Display Screens

Fluorinated polyimide (FPI) is a rigid polymer with a highly regular chemical structure and an imide ring in its main chain. It is a polymer material obtained through imidization of fluorinated polyamic acid (FPAA) which is generated from melt polycondensation or solution polycondensation of fluorinated dianhydride and fluorinated diamine. The monomers here refer to fluorinated dianhydride and fluorinated diamine.

As a special engineering plastic at the top of the pyramid, our fluorinated polyimides have superior thermal, physical and mechanical properties, as well as outstanding chemical stability. They are widely used in electronic materials, optical materials, separation membranes, liquid crystal materials and other fields.

With over a decade of accumulated experience in the research and innovation of fluorinated fine chemicals, CapChem is committed to solving the key issues of fluorinated polyimide related to high temperature resistance, photosensitivity, long service life and excellent mechanical properties. We have been devoted to providing a wide range of fluorinated polyimide chemicals and one-stop solutions to customers from every corner of the world.

  • High temperature resistance

  • High light transmittance

  • Long service life

  • Outstanding mechanical properties

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    Flexible display material

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    Semiconductor packaging material

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    Semiconductor packaging material

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