Fluorinated Solvent Cleaning Agent for Semiconductor and Display

As one of the key materials used in the semiconductor and display panel industries due to their special properties, fluorinated chemicals and materials can serve as fluorine solvents, cleaning agents, heat transfer fluids, etching materials and photosensitive materials, among others. As cleaning agent and solvent for OLED display panels and precision electronic instruments, they are non-toxic and non-flammable. Fluorinated chemicals and materials can also be used as cleaning solvents for 3D printing equipment in pharmaceutical application, and cleaning agents for meltblown equipment. Our products under this category include acidic fluoroalcohol HFIP.

With the development of technologies in the sectors of semiconductors, integrated circuits, OLED displays and 5G telecommunications, there is a stronger need to develop fluorinated chemical materials with excellent reliability, high quality and outstanding stability to support technology upgrades. Capchem is committed to the research and development of fluorinated chemical materials for semiconductors and display panels, making every effort to properly solve the main issues related to high quality, reliability, and stability.

Thanks to over a decade of continuous innovation in the fluorinated fine chemical industry, Capchem has been able to provide various fluorinated functional chemicals and one-stop solutions to customers from the semiconductor and display panel industries.

  • Superior reliability

  • High quality

  • Outstanding stability

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    Chip etching and cleaning

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    OLED display cleaning

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    Optical lens cleaning

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