Green Development Led by Liquid Cooling | Shenzhen Hexafluo Attended 2023 ALDC Summit

On October 25, 2023 ALDC Summit was held in Shanghai. The Summit focuses on such hot topics as the latest development of liquid cooling in the field of data centers, and sharing, technology application and cutting-edge research on actual application scenarios of the liquid cooling technology for data centers. Led by General Manager Liu Xing, Hexafluo (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. (“Shenzhen Hexafluo” or “the Company”) attended the Summit, and Deputy General Manager Zeng Yizheng, on behalf of the Company, made a theme sharing titled the Introduction to Hexafluo Fluorinated coolant Solutions. Mr. Zhang Zhongcheng, Secretary-General of Shanghai Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Service Association, and his delegation visited the Liquid Cooling Technology and Product Exhibition of Shenzhen Hexafluo for guidance.

Based on the history, current situation and industrial planning of the cooling model of data centers, Mr. Zeng Yizheng looked into the overall development of liquid cooling technology of data centers, and stressed that, under the guidance of the energy conservation and emission reduction policy, enterprises that adopt the data center cooling model with the new liquid cooling technology as an example should integrate their respective industrial chains to enhance their competitiveness.

In the context of the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" policy, the liquid cooling of data centers has gradually become an important track for energy conservation and emission reduction. Hexafluo performed independent R&D, and launched a low-carbon product — the new-generation big data center immersion coolant, namely, fluorinated coolant, further sharpening up the advantages of liquid cooling. Being transparent, odorless, non-flammable, slightly toxic, non-corrosive and of good compatibility, Fluorinated coolant are suitable for a wide range of temperatures, and completely insoluble in water, isolated from water and air, thereby preventing the devices from oxidation and corrosion. Further, Fluorinated coolant have excellent dielectric constant, ideal chemical inertia, excellent thermal conductivity, null ozone depletion potential (ODP), and low global warming potential (GWP), and PUE can lower to below 1.1.

Shenzhen Hexafluo also exhibited the fully-immersed phase change cooling model in the Liquid Cooling Technology and Product Exhibition. As a typical application equipment of the fluorinated coolant, the fully-immersed phase change liquid cooler adopts the HEXAFLUO BoreafTM, the immersed phase change liquid cooling technology. Under the support of the fluorinated coolant, servers can realize immersed cooling “bath”, thereby facilitating safe and reliable operation of the equipment, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. At present, Hexafluo has realized the large-scale application and promotion of the fluorinated coolant, and is cooperating with many domestic and overseas renowned data center enterprises to promote the immersion cooling model. Mr. Liu Xing was interviewed by the organizer of the Summit and gave an overall introduction to Hexafluo’s products and technologies in the field of liquid cooling.

As an important member of the Organic Fluorine Chemicals Division of Capchem, Shenzhen Hexafluo has been concentrating on the research and development of liquid cooling applications for data centers since its inception. In the future, Shenzhen Hexafluo will continue to uphold the philosophy of making great efforts “To Create a Better Future with Fluorine Chemicals and Fluorine Materials”, push ahead with the R&D and innovation of the liquid cooling technologies and products, join hands with all parties in the industrial chain to promote the wide application of liquid cooling in the field of data centers, and pursue innovation-driven green development.