Capchem Poland and Warta Football Club of Srem Sign Long-Term Cooperation Agreement

On January 8, 2021, Ms. Joanna, Manager of Capchem Poland Plant, and Mr. Dominik, President of the Warta Football Club of Srem, Poland, signed a letter of intent for cooperation. The two sides also discussed future cooperation plans, including participation in the club’s 100th anniversary series, support for local youth sports, tree planting programs, etc.

Capchem Poland and the Warta Football Club of Srem sign a long-term cooperation agreement

Mr. Dominik, President of the club, said that as a resident of Srem, he welcomed the investment of international companies like Capchem. He also thanked Capchem Poland for its support to local youth sports and hoped that the two sides could reach long-term cooperation in the future for mutual benefits and win-win results.

On January 11, the winter series of activities sponsored by Capchem Poland officially kicked off. Junior soccer players wearing uniforms with the Capchem logo took part in a series of training activities and competed in games. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only a small number of spectators came to watch the games. Nevertheless, the junior soccer players were always in high spirits. It is hoped that after the pandemic goes away, the soccer team of Capchem Poland will win the league in all categories and add glory to the company!

Wonderful moments of football training and games

In recent years, LG, Samsung, SKI, CATL, Farasis Energy and other companies have invested and set up plants in Europe. In order to supply to customers nearby and promote rapid business growth, Capchem Poland acquired BASF’s plant in Srem in May 2020, marking an important step in the internationalization of Capchem. In the future, Capchem Poland will continue to uphold the core values of “Innovation for Application, Progress with Integrity”, reinforce corporate branding, renovate the plant, and make unremitting efforts for the early commissioning of the Srem Plant.

Srem Plant of Capchem Poland