Capchem Poland Achieves IATF16949 LOC and ISO9001 Certification

As a global leader of electronic chemicals and functional materials,the subsidiary of Capchem (Stock Symbol:SZ300037) , Capchem Poland is delighted to announce its successful certification in the IATF16949 LOC and ISO9001 quality management systems. This significant achievement comes after four months of rigorous preparation, and it is a testament to the dedicated efforts of Capchem's teams in both China and Poland.

During the audit process, an audit team comprising auditors from China and Poland conducted a rigorous review and assessment of the systems and processes of Capchem Poland. The auditors highly recognized and commended the quality system. At the concluding meeting, the auditor stated, "This is a dynamic team that has created a world-class facility in a place where even Asian faces are quite rare. The challenges involved from facilities setup, local team building, to cultural integration are evident, congratulations to Capchem Poland for achieving this!" The successful completion of this audit not only demonstrates Capchem Poland's outstanding performance in quality management but also further proves the company's steadfast commitment to excellence and high standards.

Over the past four months, Capchem has successfully obtained product and process approvals from several prestigious customers, including LGES, Volkswagen, Verkor, Varta etc. These accomplishments demonstrate the company's competitiveness and reputation in the global market, laying a solid foundation for future growth.

Capchem Poland is currently the largest lithium battery electrolyte producer in Europe, dedicated to promoting the development of the European new energy and electric vehicle industry. Capchem remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering high-quality products and services, continually enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of its management systems, and meeting customer expectations to foster long-term partnerships. The company is confident about its future prospects and looks forward to achieving further success in global markets.