Capchem attended The 2023 Collaborative Innovation Exhibition of China Electronic Components Industry Chain 

From August 31 to September 1, 2023, Nantong New Generation Information Technology Expo and China Electronic Components Industry Summit were grandly held in Nantong International Conference Center, Jiangsu Province, and The 2023 Collaborative Innovation Exhibition of China Electronic Components Industry Chain was held at the same time. Benchmark enterprises from all segments of the electronic components industry gathered at the Expo, in which Capchem also participated upon invitation.

During the Expo, Capchem made a stunning appearance with such three solutions as for liquid aluminum capacitor electrolyte, chemical of PEDOT-based aluminum capacitors and chemical of laminated aluminum/tantalum capacitors, as well as sealing materials for aluminum electrolytic capacitors, including various series of products, such as functional electrolyte, functional materials, conductive paste, demonstrating one-stop solutions and leading technologies of Capchem in the field of capacitor chemicals. Capchem attracted extensive attention from the customers and partners of the industry chain at its exhibition stand, and accepted hordes of visitors. 

Solution for Liquid Aluminum Capacitor Electrolyte

Capchem produces low voltage, high frequency, and low impedance electrolyte by using independently developed phosphate waterproofing agents, which can prevent dielectric layer hydration and capacity decay. 400-450V high-voltage electrolyte features high voltage resistance, high temperature resistance, and high conductivity, which can improve capacitor ripple current resistance, reduce temperature rise, and improve life. 500-550V ultra-high voltage electrolyte uses the new type HR series solute, achieving high voltage and high conductivity. In the process of production, self-developed spark voltage additives are added to improve flash fire performance of the electrolyte.

Chemical Solutions for PEDOT-Based Aluminum Capacitors

PSS: PEDOT for solid-state anti-surge capacitors (PED-2 series) are suitable for solid state aluminum electrolytic capacitors and fast charging and discharging applications, which can fully improve surge capacity of dispersion liquid, featuring long high temperature life and high temperature stability. PSS: PEDOT for hybrid electrolytic capacitors (PED-8 series) have excellent film forming properties and resistance to reflow soldering, thereby satisfying specific needs of different customers. EDOT upgrading of high withstand voltage monomer makes the withstand voltage improved, and self-developed new additives are used in the process of production.

Chemical Solutions for Laminated Aluminum /Tantalum Capacitors

Graphite/silver paste of laminated aluminum capacitors have such advantages as excellent electrical performance and low resistivity, excellent film compatibility, high temperature resistance, and strong ability of corner wrapping. Graphite/silver paste of tantalum capacitors have such advantages as low curing shrinkage and low thermal expansion coefficient, high temperature resistance, and film compatibility. Impermeable coating material can be used before the plastic sealing process of stacked aluminum/tantalum capacitors, thus obviously improving the water resistance of capacitor in temperature humidity test (i.e., 85°C, 85% RH), and they have such advantages as low surface energy, low steam transmittance, and easy to manufacture.

Sealing Materials for Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Cover disc for screw terminal E-Cap is applied to electrolytic capacitors with screw terminals, and the anti-leakage process is adopted during the production, generating such advantages as high temperature resistance and long service life, excellent solvent resistance, and high thread torque and strength. Composite board of cow horn capacitor snap-in is used for making various sizes of cow horn capacitor snap-in, and has such advantages as high strength and reliability, low impurity ion content, excellent insulation, and excellent sealing performance.

During the same period of the exhibition, Zhong Ling, Technical Director of Capchem Capacitor Chemicals Division, was invited to participate in the 2023 China Electronic Components Industry Association Capacitor Branch Electrolytic Capacitor Professional Annual Meeting and gave a themed report on "Innovative Development of Electrolytic Capacitor Chemical Materials".

As one of the three basic components, capacitors are widely used in the fields of information communication, consumer electronics, household appliances, filtering and frequency conversion of automotive electronics, etc., while capacitor chemicals, as one of the key raw materials for the production of capacitors, can directly affect the performance of capacitors. Through years of deep cultivation and continuous R&D investment in the field of capacitor chemicals, Capchem has won extensive trust from customers and full recognition from the industry partners through its advanced technologies, high-quality products and sound quality management system. 

Grasping the Expo as an opportunity, Capchem has been adhering to serving customer as center, and upholding the business philosophy of being “professional, excellent, solid, thorough” to push ahead with the technological innovation. Meanwhile, Capchem will spare continuous efforts to strengthen exchanges among various levels of the electronic components industry chain, so as to promote sound development of the whole chain, the whole industry and the whole sector.