Modified Fluoropolymer Comonomer

Fluoropolymer with perfluoroalkyl vinyl ether modified monomers participating in copolymerization can effectively improve the mechanical properties, machinability and reliability of polymers at high and low temperatures. It thus promotes the diversification of fluoropolymers, enabling them to be used in various harsh environments and thereby pushing the boundaries of fluoropolymer application. In the automotive, digital infrastructure, household products and other terminal application domains, there are extremely high requirements for material life, reliability, and high and low temperature resistance. With over a decade of accumulated experience in the research and innovation of fluorinated fine chemicals, Capchem is committed to solving the key issues of fluoropolymer materials related to high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, long service life, excellent mechanical properties and machinability. We have been devoted to providing a wide range of fluorinated chemicals and one-stop solutions to customers from every corner of the world.

  • High temperature resistance

  • Outstanding mechanical properties

  • Long service life

  • Processibility

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    Various fluororesin materials

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    Various fluororubber materials

Product Series

Modified fluoropolymer

Modified fluoropolymer