Electronic Chemicals and Functional Materials for a Better Future!



To be a global leader of electronic chemicals and functional materials.

Core Value

Core Value

Innovation for Application, Progress with Integrity.

“Innovation for Application”
Truth-Seeking, Sustaining Innovation, Customer-Orientation and Value-Creation

“Progress with Integrity”
Safety & Compliance, Sharing, Globalization, Sustainability

Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy

Solid, Thorough, Excellent, Professional

Solid: Execute effective integration of industrial chain around the main business

Thorough: Achieve economies of scale and cost-advantage while upgrading products

Excellent: Foster advantages in technology, quality, market and service

Professional: Focus on main business, cultivate craftsmanship for employees and professionalism for the management, and assume the industrial leadership for the company

Corporate Responsibility

Responsibility to Shareholders

Responsibility to shareholders: Respect capital, pay attention to the sustainable development and value growth of the company, and ensure that investors have stable and efficient returns.

Responsibility to Society

Responsibility to society: Take discipline and law compliance as the bottom line of business, adhere to the principles of environment, health and safety, actively participate in community development and construction, and fulfill corporate citizenship responsibilities.

Responsibility to Employees

Responsibility to employees: Take salary and welfare as the starting point, carry out humanism program and continuous education, enable employees to improve their quality and enjoy their work, and help them succeed in career.

Responsibility to Customers

Responsibility to customers: Provide products with high cost performance and accurate delivery date, and fulfill the responsibility of being a qualified supplier.

Commitment to Sustainable Development

We abide by laws and regulations, strictly enforce business principles and codes of conduct, and proactively fulfill our social responsibilities.We focus on frontier technologies in

new energy and new materials. We continuously invest, carry forward fine traditions and strive for creativity. We practice excellence, serve the society and advance

development and progress.

Technological Innovation

We gain insight into customer needs in the future, explore innovation-based growth points through independent development, industry-university-research cooperation, mergers and integration, and keep developing and offering new products and services.
We are committed to establishing a market-oriented technological innovation mechanism, an incentive mechanism for achievement commercialization and an efficient R&D system to open a new situation featuring innovation and openness.

Operate with Integrity


We operate with integrity and comply with national and regional laws, regulations and policies. We make efforts to refine corporate policies and processes, improve corporate management, and ensure the safe, sustainable and green development of the Company.


We practice a clean corporate culture with zero tolerance for corruption and fraud. We are putting in place a sound monitoring system and a clean and honest system so that our employees have no desire to commit corruption, daren’t be corrupt and are unable to be corrupt.

Go Green
Go Green

Go Green

Capchem realizes green development through technology empowerment, reasonably controls resource and energy consumption, and optimizes waste management. Capchem uses more environmentally friendly raw materials, cleaner processes and more energy-efficient equipment, and strives to build an internationally-known brand that is state-of-the-art in the times and the industry, and provide environmentally friendly products in high quality. With excellent governance and sustainable growth performance, Capchem has won a number of honors such as “Top 10 Listed Companies for Green Governance in Shenzhen” and “Top 20 Listed Companies for Green Governance in Greater Bay Area”.

Workplace Safety
Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety

Capchem regards safety production as the lifeline and bottom line of the enterprise. Adhering to the safe development concept “people oriented, life first”, we are committed to making good use of advanced technology and scientific management methods to ensure the intrinsic safety of electronic chemicals and functional materials in the whole process and chain as well as full life cycle.

Occupational Health
Occupational Health

Occupational Health

Capchem focuses on source control, selects green materials, advanced processes and technical equipment, increases the investment to continuously improve the working environment, prevent and control occupational disease hazards, and ensure the occupational health of employees. Capchem has successively passed the ISO14001:2015 environmental management system and ISO45001:2018 occupational health and safety system certification to ensure its compliance with the requirements of national laws and regulations on safety, environmental protection and occupational health.

Public Welfare
Public Welfare

Public Welfare

While promoting social development through production and operation activities, Capchem actively participates in social public welfare undertakings, helps the poor groups, and donates money to colleges and universities across the country and in local communities by focusing on education and youth development, and the company and its actual controllers donate a total of more than 10 million yuan to strive to give back to the society and contribute to social harmony and progress. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, Capchem has actively donated materials to help prevent and control the epidemic.


Start the Capchem Scholarship Fund at Southern University of Science and Technology, 2 million yuan

Heartwarming donation for fighting COVID-19,1 million yuan

ive strong support to sports and cultural programs and have sponsored large-scale basketball events in Pingshan District for years

Implement targeted poverty alleviation and education assistance programs in multiple poor cities and counties (Baise City, Zijin County, Luhe County, etc.)

Start the Capchem Scholarship Fund at Liaoning Petrochemical University, 500,000 yuan

Launch projects to provide financial aid to targeted schools (Daya Bay Aotou Primary School, Daya Bay Huangyuyong Primary School, etc.)

tart the Capchem Scholarship Fund at South China University of Technology, 500,000 yuan

Start the Capchem Scholarship Fund at Xiangtan University, 1 million yuan

Donate to Xiangtan University Education Foundation, 1 million yuan