Capchem held 2024 annual workplanning meeting

On 24th February, Capchem held the 2024 annual workplanning meeting. The meeting comprehensively summed up the achievements and experiences of 2023, defined the key work and objectives of 2024, and pointed out the direction for the company's further operation and strategic development. The management team of the the headquarter, operation units, bases and projects under construction attended the meeting.

The year 2023 was full of tests and challenges.Facing the complicated external environment and the increasingly severe industry situation, Capchem was determined to move forward.Based on the overall strategy, Capchem adhered to the development concept of "Professional, Excellent, Solid, Thorough", focused on its main business, promotes its business layout globally,focused on technological innovation and green development, and continued to improve the level of corporate governance and digitalisation. During the year, Capchem moved forward firmly and promoted all the work steadily with stability, quality and efficiency. Heads of Departments report on key tasks for 2023.

The Chairman and the President of Capchem made a summary and deployment for the last year and the new year.

The president of the company, Dawen Zhou, reported on the annual work.Zhou said: In 2023, the company has always maintained operator thinking and growth mindset, and continuously promoted business standardisation, talent specialisation, management professionalism and digitalisation of means.In the new year, the company will systematically promote the company's international strategic layout, deepen the R&D and innovation mechanism, break through the key product technology; focus on the business, carry out the key market development and key projects; with the aim of empowering the business, build an agile and efficient operation excellence process system, reduce the comprehensive cost, enhance the level of talent team, practice the concept of sustainable development, strengthen the brand culture, and build the foundation of the company's high-quality development.

Johnson Qin, the chairman of Capchem shared the twenty-four-character motto (quoted from the Historical Records of the Grand Historian), which coincides with Capchem's development direction of "newness, realism, and the future".Based on the theoretical viewpoints in "The Wealth of Nations", Qin said that facing the intricate economic situation,Capchem must adhere to its positioning of providing customers with electronic chemicals and functional material solutions, adhere to a long-term strategy, deepen its professionalization, and always focus on customer needs, product innovation, and cost-effectiveness based on the concept of "Professional, Excellent, Solid, Thorough".Capchem will optimise its services, management and system platform.Capchem will build a flexible and synergistic business organization, steadily push forward the sustainable development plan, continuously upgrade the management system, and build up the process and talent team; at the same time. Capchem will pay close attention to the changes in the external environment, and will make advance judgment, agile response and quick decision-making in order to cope with the changes in advance.

In the past, Capchem has always insisted on continuous innovation, deep management, and customer-oriented.In the future, the company will meet new challenges and opportunities with a new attitude and determination.Following the development of the times and the pace of technology, Capchem will plough into the field of electronic chemicals and functional materials with a broader vision, be agile and efficient, and work hard to create the future together!