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Photoelectric Polymer Materials


  The photoelectric chemicals of our company make LED encapsulant materials as our core products, LED encapsulant materials provide mechanical protection for the LED chip, and improve the lumens of the LED light. We provide solutions for LED packaging company base on our advanced manufacturing technology. Our products include encapsulants of SMD, Lumileds, filling, molding, COB, Integrated LED and Filament, die-bonding materials, Soft silicone for lamps, and electronics potting materials for sealing.

LED encapsulant materials with high optical index

Characteristic: high optical index, high brightness, resistance to high temperature aging and thermal shock

Applications: SMD package, Mixed with phosphor, COB

LED encapsulant materials with normal optical index

Characteristic: resistance to high temperature aging , high adhesion

Applications: molding, filling, COB