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May 27

Capchem Warmly Congratulates The Successful Listing of Cnano Technology

On September 25, 2019, Jiangsu Cnano Technology Co. Ltd. was successfully listed on China‘s STAR market (stock code 688116). Capchem, as an investor of Cnano Technology, was invited to attend the listing ceremony.

Cnano Technology, as a high-tech enterprise, was founded in 2011. It focuses on development, production and marketing of Nano-scale carbon materials and related products. Due to their excellent conductivity, carbon nanotubes can be used as a new type of conductive agent in lithium batteries. They can effectively enhance the energy density and improve cycle life performance of lithium batteries. According to Cnano Technology’s prospectus, the company’s customers are mainly lithium-ion battery manufacturers, including BYD, ATL, CATL, and Tianjin Lishen. It changed the situation that China's lithium-ion battery enterprises no longer rely on imports of high-end conductive agent.

In 2017, Capchem made a strategic investment in Cnano Technology. Both Cnano Technology's and Capchem’s products are important raw material of lithium-ion batteries. Capchem and Cnano Technology are both in the lithium battery industry chain, have the same customers, and therefore form high degree of synergy.

Capchem warmly congratulates the Cnano Technology's IPO, and sincerely hopes that Cnano Technology will continue to innovate and enhance its comprehensive strength and core competitiveness. In the future, Capchem will work with Cnano Technology to better serve the national new materials strategy and the new energy industry.


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