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May 27

walk in Capchem“ A Testa concept stock”

By Cai Bing on Feb 13, 2014

Investors gained the first pot of gold the year of Horse due to “new favorite”, “Tesla concept stock” of new energy and car industry in Shanghai stock market. One of the stocks related to super capacitor is Capchem (30037) that we would like to show you today

17:40   Mr. Zhou Dawen: The development of lithium electrolyte will overpass that of electric capacitor

Zhou Dawen reveals that Samsung has initially got attestation from Tesla and will probably become Tesla’s supplier of battery. Samsung has been the biggest client of Capchem since 2012.

Zhou Dawen indicates sales volume of lithium electrolyte accounts for 20% of total volume of Capchem. Capchem began layout in the field after the company listed and it is still in its primary stage. He explains for the time for application for attestation is much longer than that of consumers, so the progress is positive.


17:00    Zhou Dawen: Reducing the cost relying on technology innovation

Pingan Security asked about the continuity of the company. In reply of this, Qin Jiusan pointed out that the expenditure of administration, research will be increased. More expenditure will be spent on developing the world market for the continuity of the company. Zhou Dawen pointed out the importance of innovation. He said that the lithium electrolyte at the very beginning was 200 yuan per kilo. Now it is several ten yuan. This is due to the technical innovation. 

16:40   Qin jiusan:Reducing holding-shares of the administration team is for the purpose of increasing life quality

Some investors asked about reducing holding-shares of the administration team, Qin Jiusan indicated that this was because of life quality improving. The amount was very limited. None of the member of the administration team holds the shares of other listed company.

16:20  Focus on the mainlines, To develop lithium electrolyte for power 

battery is the priority of the company in the future, Chairman and president talked about “Tesla Concept”.

About “Tesla Concept”, Mr Zhou Dawen indicates that Capchem has signed secret agreement with main clients. It is not convenience to disclose details, but lithium power battery would be a key orientation of Capchem in the future, but at the moment, the main product is for consumer battery.

Qin Jiusan says Capchem is a manufacturer with key product of new energy car and electric car.  The income of lithium battery electrolyte accounts for 40% of total. It is very difficult to enter Tesla chain. Tesla complains lack of supplier of fine quality lithium battery, on the contrary, their own supply cannot meet the needs. 

Qin Jiusan points out:” What we are in the field with a lot of space of development. But Capchem will develop its main products and is fully confident with the development in the future.”

16:00   Zhou Dawen: The price of lithium battery electrolyte is stable ,but fast growing manufacturers resulted in disorder competition.

China Investment Securities: What is the proportion of the main products ? What is the price?

Qin Jiusan: Lithium battery electrolyte accounts for 40%, while capacitor accounts for 40%

Zhou Dawen: The price of lithium battery electrolyte is stable, but manufacturers grew from 10 to 30-50. Competition became disorder. The growing supply resulted in price and gross profit decline. But Capchem will keeps on upgrading the quality and the structure of clients. The quality and structure of Capchem up to now is the best among all the competitors 

15:30   Zhou Dawen: The production capacity of lithium battery electrolyte will be increased up to about 10 thousand to 20 thousand metric tons.

Zhou Dawen introduces to investors that Natong branch of Capchem is estimated to operate in coming June. The production capacity of lithium battery electrolyte will be increased up to about 10 thousand to 20 thousand metric tons. At present, Capchem owns the world’s  biggest workshop for conducting polymer. Furthermore, market share of lithium battery electrolyte accounts for 20% in China.

15:15     Exchange ideas between the administration team and investors

Chairman of Board of Directors : Qin Jiusan

15:00  China Investment Securities: Pays close attention to Nantong production project 

Xiong Yajun, from China Investment Securities, believed from the angle of high quality clients, the power of the company’competition is strong, at the same time, they also pay attention to the production project in Ningbo.

14:40    In the control room, President Zhou Dawen interprets to investors.

14:20  Investor: we are coming because of “Tesla concept”

Kuang Xiaolong is the client of Guangdong Development Securities, he came here one hour ahead of time. He said he paid attention to the idea of “Tesla concept” and was confident with the prospect of new energy car.

More than sixty investors attended the activities from Guangdong Development Securities, Pingan Securities , China Investment Securities and Yinda Securities etc. Most of the investors came because of Capchem’s “ Tesla concept” and hope to get more information such as clients like National, its cooperation with Capchem and ranking. Furthermore, Capchem is also the supplier of Samsung SDI. It was said the latter has relations with Tesla. The investors wanted to know more about the cooperation between Capchem and Samsung.

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