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Welfare & benefit


With the company’s being listed and fast development and setting up branch, employees can have more chances and challenges and receive training and promotions.

Transfer of Shenzhen Registered Resident

The company handles the transfer of the employees who meet the requirements to the permanent residence of Shenzhen.

Welfare and Salary

Salary + bonus+ allowance + welfare of different kinds, salary can be adjusted annually.


Bonus consists of season, project, special and annual bonus.


Allowance consists of living, phone call, and transportation according to different position.

Social Insurance

Complete social insurance is covered for the employees including five social insurance and one housing fund plus accident insurance. 


The company sets its own canteen to let all the employees enjoy sanitary and nutrient food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The company supplies free dormitory for all the employees and entertainment room(with TV sets, laundry machine, rooms of billiards, reading, karaoke and table tennis)

After Work Entertainments

The trade union organizes all kinds of entertainments including basket ball, foot ball ,badminton, singing and travelling seaside to let all the employee to release after work.

Birthday Gifts and Dinner Party

The company holds birthday party monthly for those who’s birthdays are in the same month. Employees have dinner party and draw lottery and receive special birthday gifts.

Holiday Welfare

The company provides annual vacation, marriage and maternity leave, etc. Gifts are provided in the festivals of tradition such as moon festival and dragon boat festival to let all the employees receive the loving care from the company.

Party at the end of the year

The company holds grand party ,lottery drawing with various awards at the end of the year.