Global electronic chemical products supplier


In 2010

The Company was rewarded to be the fourth most valuable company in 2010 on the GEM.

The Company was chosen to be one of the top one hundred enterprises of "Chinese electronic components company”.  

The Company listed in shenzhen stock exchange, stock code: 300037 (GEM). 

In 2009

The electric double layer capacitor electrolyte of The Company was identified as key independent innovation products in shenzhen. 

The Company was approved by the government to form "new electronic chemical engineering and technology research and development center of guangdong province".

The Company won the certificate of Chinese national high and new technology enterprise.

The Company was approved by the government to form "shenzhen new electronic chemicals research and development center. 

The Company brand has won the "shenzhen well-known brands". 

In 2008

The Company was approved as one of the core members of standard drafting units for national power industry (power lithium battery system).

THE Company trademark was identified as "guangdong famous trademark".

The Company was entitled to use the service of the "shenzhen express service enterprise" 

In 2007

The Company’ subsidiary, Nantong Capchem was identified as "high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu province" and "national torch plan Tongzhou electronic components and materials industrial base member enterprise". 

The Company’ chief engineer Mr. Zheng Zhongtian won the science and technology innovation award (a leader of Technology) of Longgang district,Shenzhen.

The Company was identified as "high-tech enterprises in shenzhen ".

In 2006

The Company was named as "independent innovative small and medium-sized enterprises" by Longgang district , Shenzhen.