Global electronic chemical products supplier

A Speech by Chairman

 MR.Qin jiusan


Start of a new era


Time is fleeting, yet we still have dreams and ambition. We still remember all the exciting moments in the past 20 years, and we expect to achieve more success in the next 20 years.

In 1996, the young founders of Capchem met in Shenzhen, a special economic zone which was set up in China’s economic reform. We chose to start our journey in Shenzhen, because it was a young city full of opportunities and innovative motives. Shenzhen Capchem Co. Ltd. was founded in Jinqiao Industrial Park of Bao An District in Shenzhen. Within 20 years, Capchem grew from a small workshop to a listed company with products sold globally. Since Capchem was still a small company, we have been benchmarking it to great companies. When we first started our business, we seized the opportunity when there were very few local high-purity chemical suppliers in Chinese market. Since we were founded, we have been focusing on electronic grade chemicals, and have invested a lot in functional materials. We strive to provide products and solutions that our clients need the most, and create values for them. Through the external support of capital market, and internal drive of continuous innovation, we have become leaders in multiple fields. We expect to continue driving technology and industry development.


We are grateful to this innovative, open, inclusive, proactive, and pragmatic city. It was a fertile field that breeds our “can-do spirit”. We are grateful for this great era: because of China’s economic reform, private economy rises and capital market is booming, which provide resources for Capchem to grow. We are also grateful for this rapid developing industry.


Our core value, “Innovation for Application, Progress with Integrity”, is critical to our business success. It reminds us to be focused, keep fighting, and not to get anxious for success. Therefore, we are able to win the market through our core competitiveness.


Capchem now enters a new era, and we have already set our goal for the next 20 years. In the future, we still need to overcome more challenges: economic downturn and industry are foreseeable, decision-making and operation efficiency still need to be improved, competitions are getting fiercer, stagnant thoughts might jeopardize innovation and adaptability to changes… We need to stay alert, not letting these challenges stop us from moving forward.


To overcome these challenges, we need to insist on our missions and values. We also need to improve our management and operation system, optimize our market network and supply chain, achieve more in technology field, create a more open research system, build a value distribution system that encourages progress, and improve risk management system.


We still have dreams and ambition, and we are ready to start a new adventure. We will continue to surpass ourselves, and create values for the society.




Johnson Qin

Chairman of the Board